By consistenly investing in technology, research, and development, we have become industry leaders in the extrusion of thermoforming sheets, flower packaging, concrete reinforcing fibers, egg packaging brush bristles, and broomsticks made from recovered and transformed post-consumer PET. We are dedicated to protecting the enviroment as well as our worker´s health and safety. In addition, we build one-of-a-kind projects in the construction industry.

Research and Development

Within our philosophy, we aim to be one of the most recognized plastic companies that invest constantly in innovation and technology, and, that offers great quality products to the plastic industry in Colombia.

Technology and Innovation

ACEBRI has brought to Colombia new technologies to produce a wide portfolio of products made of recycled PET and PP with the purpose of satisfying our clients and market needs.


During 2020, we invested more than 1.800.000.00 USD in new equipment of the latest technology, with the purpose of modernizing our production plant in Mosquera (Cundinamarca), and thus, offer better and a wider variety of products.

Our Values

Our values reflect things beyond our work, they demonstrate our dedication to developing and delivering high-quality products, as well as the treatment we want towards our customer, team, allies suppliers and the individuals that support us by recycling.


To be able to provide the best service, it is of the utmost importance that we fulfill our obligations as well as anticipate any situations that may arise, hence our constant communication and team work, making sure we support every area of the company thus making us stronger us a team.


Due to our team´s demanding work ethic, they make every effort to complete tasks on or ahead of schedule, in doing so we preserve our stellar reputation with both internal and external clients.


We are constantly trying to evolve and reach new market segments, which is why we invest in research, technology and new strategies that help us stand out and make a difference in the industry.


In order to succeed in our company, in addition to talent, we focus on creating a solid foundation as a team. Each member of staff is known for being tenacious and consistently delivering their best.


We have had our ups and downs. Trying times have taught as to be resilient, and that never giving up and staying true to ourselves will always pay off. This allows us to truly show what we are made of.


Our team is valued  for its transparency, sincerity, and consistency between their thoughts and actions. We are convinced that talents may be developed over time, but honesty is at the heart  of who we are; this will provide recognition and peace of mind to our customers, suppliers and others. 


Today´s ACEBRI S.A.S  is a plastic transformation company that creates items like thermoforming sheets, flower packaging, fibers for concrete reinforcement, thermoformed packages, brush bristles, broomsticks for the cleaning industry among others. With continuous product projection, as a result of ongoing product development plans, we continually invest in technology, research and, development, concentrating on recovered raw materials from various sources, with the aim of providing new knowledge. To the plastic transformation industry, generating a positive impact on the environment providing welfare to our employees, client satisfaction, and value to our partners and stakeholders. ACEBRI has access to the necessary infrastructure as well as competent and dedicated personnel, allowing us to also take part in the construction of civil works.

Comprehensive Policy

Dedicated to producing cutting-edge, high-quality products, ACEBRI S.A.S. continuously invests in new technology and knowledge to ensure the continual improvement of management development and organizational processes. Our company is focused on sustainability and environmental control, using natural resources responsibly by preventing pollution, ensuring proper waste disposal, controlling the environmental impact after their use, complying with current environmental public policies, and following the occupational health and safety system with our employees, decreasing the likelihood of work-related illnesses or industrial accidents occurring in any of the company sites. Regardless of the type of contract, we do this in order to achieve satisfaction and create an awareness of prevention amongst parties involved.


By 2024, ACEBRI S.A.S. will be the market leader in Colombia for the production of concrete reinforcing fibers, flower packaging sheets, egg packaging, brush bristles, and broomsticks, as well as the export of these goods. It will also have a large market share of the other products that the company manufactures or sells.

37 years of  experience in innovation

By converting post-consumer PET bottles utilizing a variety of techniques, we are the leading creator of recovered plastic products in Colombia.


Polymer Extrusion


Sheets Thermoforming


Injection Molding


a success history


The beginning

It all begins with the buying of a factory, to produce brooms with natural fiber.


Industrias Briceño

We change our name to “Industrias Briceño” looking for sense of belonging. We acquired manual injectors to make plastic bases instead of wooden ones, and manual inserters to stop crafting the brooms by hand.



New equipment

We bought a plastic cam inserter for our brooms.



We became Sociedad Arcoaseo S.A.S., Artículos Colombianos para el Aseo (Colombian Cleaning Articles), and short after it, we bought a 5,400 ft2 land plot to expand the company plant and a new manual plastic injector. We achieved a huge growth in technology and product development.



Walter 160 Injector

We acquired a new injector to produce innovative products.


Walter 250 Injector

We kept on investing in new equipment with higher technology to improve our products quality.



Expanding the future

We bought a 3,800 ft2 and we began producing mops.


New products

We acquired molds to produce dustpans, floor brushes and other articles.


New floor building

Our plant expanded up to 17,200 ft2 with the building of a second floor.


Breaking through frontiers

We started exports to Dominican Republic.


Huge alliance

We started our partnership with Bon Brill (Atila brand).



We keep growing

We bought a cornerback land plot that allow us to expand out more.


New administrative steps

 We acquired a new land plot improving our location, we demolished the old house and build a 4 floors head quarters with more than 37,500 ft2 of space for our staff.


A prominsing millennium

We s tarted the new millennium buying a 56,000 ft2 land plot, we invested in new equipment (for instance the Zahoransk electronic inserter, Vertical Zahoransk, feathering machines including a 250T Walter injector).Thanks to thiswe introducedthe extrusion and feathering product lines, and we sold the manual inserters.


New Injectors

 To keep offering the best quality, we bought the Maytian 330 and the 380T Walter injectors.



The on-season equipment/ The on-trend equipment

In Germany, we bought an exposure of insertion machine, a carousel and feathering equipment. Those were the up-to-date machines in that moment.



Keeping up with the investment

We bought a Borghi inserter and featherer.


Reaching new markets

We were able to export to USA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. We bought also a round brushes inserter and cutter.


A big family

We counted with a wide variety of extrusion models and we were able to form a 100 employees team.


A new record

We achieved a record when producing 550,000 units of brooms and brushes plus 250,000 units of mops.


 ACEBRI was born

We began with the sale of the 60% of Arcoaseo, which achieved to be the main producer and exporter of brooms and mops in Colombia. It was sold to Virutex Chile, a multinational company, to look for new growth opportunities. From there, we created ACEBRI S.A.S. receiving from the negotiation the warehouses, the fiber production line and the balance to continue with our industrial activity.


Parque industrial Tecplas

We ended selling the resting 40% of Arcoaseo with the vision and strategic approach to allow that Virutex and ACEBRI continue their business independently. Then, we started to build the Tecplas industrial park, today it is one of the most innovative and welcoming plants of the Savannah of Bogotá.


Modernity and success

We acquired the world most modern extrusion machine to make fibers and be able to compete with international class technology.


 Plastic concrete reinfoircement fiber 

We decided to buy the company Tecnirec, to obtain raw material in a more direct way and being more competitive. We developed also the Plastic Concrete Reinforcement Fiber and registered the patent. We gained recognition as leaders with this product.


Flower packaging sheets 

We bought extrusion machine, started developing our recycled PET sheet for flowers packaging. We got the ISO 9 001 vr 2008 certificate by SGS company, improving our processes.


Our waste is our resource

We acquired injectors along with a pelletizer and injection molds for brooms bases, and we started to use post-production waste of the recovering process as raw material.


Getting back to the roots: Toiletries

We bought a European brooms insertion and finishing machine, entering again in the cleaning articles industry.


Mops production

We acquired equipment for the automatic production line of mops, with the purpose of complementing our cleaning product line.


Recovering materials

We bought equipment from Lapetco company, with the purpose of having another way to recover materials.


Growing with the market 

We acquired new fiber and sheets extrusion equipment with the purpose of meeting the growing market demand.


The new materials challenge

We bought automatic filters with Backflue system, to take advantage of the most contaminating materials. We sold all the cleaning product line to Eterna to specialize in extrusion and we automatized the cutting machines, this improved the quality and performance of the recycled PET flowers packages.


Recovering the most polluting

We use the most polluted materials to develop thermoformed products in industrial level. We bought also a sheet extrusion machine that improves quality and increases the production capacity.


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