We produce a synthetic macrofibre for concrete reinforcement, that fully replaces metallic fibers and electro-welded mesh of the floors and related applications, with several technical and financial advantages.

ACEBRI was the first company in the world (on 2009) to develop this type of construction raw material from recovered PET (from plastic bottles), using additives and high-tech equipment to produce high quality fibers used exclusively by our current clients.

This new product, ACEBRI CONCRETE FIBER, is strengthened by mineral fibers and has a flatterer contexture with deeper ribbing and marking, looking for a better adherence to concrete and allowing a more effective reinforcement.

Concrete reinforced with our

Fiber Concrete ACEBRI

Our fibers grant to your concrete a multidirectional reinforcement, increasing the flexural strength, the tenacity to efforts and the resistance to impact and abrasion, while reducing the occurrence of cracks due to concrete contraction and elastic deformation during service phase.

ACEBRI Concrete reinforcement

fibers main features

  • They control and reduce the concrete retraction and cracking.
  • They increase concrete’s tenacity, resistance to impact and the energy absorption.
  • They create a tridimensional reinforcement that guarantees a timely response of the concrete to tractions.
  • They are waterproof. They do not show any physic alteration when getting in touch with water.
  • They save money by reducing operational costs and giving higher performance during construction work.
  • They increase the security during construction work by avoiding the use of electro welded mesh, steel fibers or traditional reinforcement materials.
  • They reduce the segregation and exudation of the concrete mix.
  • They fight the warp of floor and pavement plaques.
  • They have higher fire resistance versus other fibers.

          We project our selves to continuosly produce new and innovate products by permanently investing in technology, research and development.

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