Discover our Eco Friendly Egg Packaging Products

ACEBRI Plastic egg packages  

Main Features

Individual and separated cells, avoiding eggs to touch each other; in case one gets cracked.

Microorganisms-free, easier clea-

Innovative pressure closing system (snaplock).

Variety of colors and mixes; the color comes 100% from the bottles.

100% rPET material.

Airing vent to keep the product fresh.

Product Specification

The Plastic Egg Trays are available for 30 or 20 egg units, and they are formed by two
separated trays (Base and Cover)

Product Specification

The Plastic Egg Cartons are available for 15, 12 or 6 egg units, and are one-piece packs


Latest Improvements

Looking to offer always the best to our clients, we improved our Plastic Egg Cartons with a Non-Slip System and perfect fitting-in, increasing the resistance and strength of the product.

ACEBRI Plastic Egg Carton benefits

Our plastic trays and cartons are 100% recovered and  100% recoverable

We transform thousands of Post-Consumer PET plastic bottles, recovering them to get raw material and create these and other variety of products for the industry, reducing the waste generation.

Our ACEBRI plastic egg trays and cartons are designed to give a greater protection to the eggs from the moment of packing to consumer use, going through all the supply chain, considerably reducing the percentage of broken eggs while transporting them.

Why to choose Post-Consumer PET plastic trays and cartons?

  •  This product can be recycled over and over, allowing us to close the cycle of plastic
  • It’s a recycled and recoverable product that contributes to the circular economy.
  • It reduces the carbon footprint and the water and energy use during its production,
    unlike other materials used to produce egg packaging.
  • Economically, the PET is a more affordable material, unlike other types of plastic.

New Developments

We work constantly to develop and innovate with new options of color in our product portfolio for our clients